Coral Cay ambassadors are ex-volunteers from all over the UK (and abroad) who play an important role in raising awareness about our projects and work to help us spread the message of conservation and  protect more reefs and rainforests around the world.

Coral Cay ambassadors represent an area/region and promote CCC with local networks such as schools, colleges, universities and clubs. With the support of CCC HQ, ambassadors take part in events and raise awareness in their area, this is an exciting opportunity for those bubbling with energy and enthusiasm about conservation.


Rory Costello

Philippines 2008, 2011


Personal Highlights:

There are so so many....fantastic abundance of life, incredible camaraderie (you make your own entertainment and its brilliant), welcoming Filipino people, wonderful sunsets and tropical lightning, showering in the rain, playing volleyball in a monsoon.....coming back a changed man.

Matt Doggett
Philippines, August 2006 - February 2007
Personal Highlights:
No job will ever be as varied and rewarding as this one. You realise that some of the most important things in life are about trying to make a difference and enjoying and believing in what you do. Material wealth is all well and good but if at the end of day, we destroy all our resources and cannot feed ourselves, what good is it?

Lisa James

Philippines 2007

Personal Highlights:
Being welcomed into a local community like never before by some of the friendliest people I have ever met! Working with local families and schools on even simple tasks like beach clean ups were some of the most rewarding aspects of the project. Not to mention friends for life, incredible reefs, swimming with whale sharks, unbeatable sunsets, Tata's spring rolls, amazing science, fish of the day, Filipino karaoke, learning, learning, learning and making a real positive difference to peoples lives through conservation. You can't beat it.

Diane Turner

Philippines 1999, Fiji 2005

Personal Highlights:
So many to name! Watching sunrises and sunsets over the sea or the lightning flashing in the clouds as they sail by at night. Cobbling together a costume - borrowing bits of clothing, using cardboard, foil, string and whatever else we could find for the themed Saturday night parties. Speeding along in the boat after a survey with the spray flying over, wearing a mask and singing the Bohemian Rhapsody at the tops of our voices.
Meeting the locals at the expeditions sites and realising how much enthusiasm they have for the projects and how happy they are that we're there doing the work we're doing, wanting to learn from us! Learning so much about the culture, the country, the community from a direction one never would as a tourist. Meeting expedition members from lots of different backgrounds and countries who all have something in common - a commitment to the work CCC achieves, making very good friends with them, with many of whom I'm still in contact.

Jake Turner

Fiji 2005 


Personal Highlights:

The very fact of living on a desert island in one of the most beautiful places in the world was a highlight in itself. The ability to dive daily on beautiful undived reefs was a fantastic bonus! But it's the people that make a CCC expedition what it is - living amongst other people who want to do something to help preserve coral reefs for future generations, but who can also conjure a fancy dress costume from whatever you can scrounge from around the site - you'd be amazed at the results!