Ben Thorne FRGS FZS

Field Base Manager

Ben is an experienced field operative having worked in many remote locations across the world, including Cambodia, Honduras, Indonesia and the Great Barrier Reef.  He has extensive medical training and is a Remote Emergency Medical Technician, a First Aid at Work Instructor and also First Person on Scene trained.  With a marine biology background, and a Masters of Applied Environmental Science from the University of Sydney, Ben has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts in addition to being a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.

Rónán Mag Aoidh MRes, BSc

Project Scientist

A love of the sea led Rónán to study Marine Science at the University of Ulster. Before entering his final year, he volunteered with CCC at the Tobago expedition site, where he tried diving for the first time. After graduating, he got a fellowship at the Marine Institute in Ireland and worked in the Benthos Ecology section. During his time there, he also completed a Research Masters through University College Dublin. Upon finishing, Rónán decided to do some traveling, tying in diving wherever he could. He is excited to begin working with CCC to help protect Cambodia's beautiful sea.

Jerry Slater

Science Officer

During Scotland's sunnier months Jerry enjoys a career as a project and communications manager in government and the corporate world. He has an Honours degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering, and a Masters degree in Operational Research. When winter approaches he escapes to the tropics to indulge in his passion for adventurous travel and exotic wildlife. He has dived in over 20 countries and counting, including working as a Divemaster in Honduras and Fiji. Having volunteered with CCC in the Philippines in 2013 and loved it, he jumped at the opportunity to formally teach at the CCC base in Cambodia in 2014.

Amy Hornett MSDT

Scuba Instructor

Amy has been diving for 10 years now, since taking her Open Water course in Mozambique. Two manta rays and a whale shark later, she was hooked. Since then she has dived all over, from the Bahamas to Malaysia. Eventually, her love of the underwater world finally pushed her to leave her job in Advertising in order to take up diving full time. She became a PADI MSDT and EFR instructor in Bali and has since then been working her way around the world, discovering more about what our wonderful oceans have to offer.

Sue-Ling Armour

Medical Officer

Sue-Ling started diving in the UK during her gap year before volunteering in Brunei. She started medical school in 2004 in Brighton and dived throughout her time there serving as a committee member and assistant instructor of the university club. She has dived in SE Asia, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia but still loves UK diving and has dived in remote sites including St Kilda. Since graduating from medical school Sue-Ling has spent the last few years in Devon and Cornwall enjoying the lifestyle and learning to surf (badly). She wants to be involved in expedition medicine long term and is due to do the Tropical Medicine Diploma when she gets back from Cambodia. Sue-Ling joined CCC as she saw an opportunity to be both a diver and a doctor and not have to wear thick socks to bed!

Nove Ngune 

Boat Captain

Nove is a very pleasant man who is keen to learn some basic English.  He is prompt and always keen to work on the boat.

Zou Ngune 

Boat Assistant

Zou is a friendly lady who speaks a reasonable amount of English – she is not yet fluent in conversation but is keen to learn more.  She is constantly smiling and enjoys working with her father, Ngune Nove, our boat captain.

Choun Vannak


Vannak was born and raised in our local village of Prek Svay. He specializes in serving up sautéed veggies, a mean curry, and bottomless contagious laughs. He’s very keen to learn English with us and is hard at work.