16 January 2016

Learning all about Animal Defences

CCC’s first library session of 2016 and also our new SO, Tom Weigall’s, first time delivering a presentation at the library, and things seemed to go well! Our topic for today was animal defences, which the kids embraced with much enthusiasm – we covered topics including spikes, running away, armour, size, camouflage and warning colours, and as usual the kids impressed us with their own range of knowledge of some of those topics. One of the smaller kids did say that she’d seen a whale in her toilet; we suspect there has been some misidentification, and wonder if a presentation on whales might be worthwhile in the future! 

Our craft session was nice and simple, involving the students drawing around some animal templates we’d cut out prior to the session and adding their own defence mechanisms as they wished – some kids approached this with real creativity, resulting in phenomena such as snakes with 18 eyes, venomous spikes and the armour of an armadillo, and an unforgettable rat with long legs, vicious claws, and a mounted heavy machine gun. We are looking forward to coming up with some even more creative ideas for craft in the future, but for this weekend, it seemed to suffice!

7 January 2016

Tabugon Sanctuary  gets its marker bouys!

On the 7th of January, CCC was contacted to help set up marker buoys at the Tabugon MPA and Sanctuary. This was a great way to start the year and our Project Scientist Marie Seraphim, and Research scientist Joshua Milne, joined the Municipal Agricultural Office of Liloan staff. Armed with GPS, they jumped on the boat and found the boundaries of the MPA. This was the result of years of hard work. In 2014 Liloan expressed the need for surveys of the Tabugon MPA and volunteers from Coral Cay Conservation undertook a one month monitoring of the area.  As a result of this hard work and robust research, it was decided to alter the boundaries of the MPA to better protect marine life in the region. With the new marker buoys fisherfolk can easily distinguish the boundaries of the new Sanctuary. This will not only protect the reefs within but also the pristine mangrove ecosystems still present in the area. Mangrove forests are vital as they create perfect habitats for a variety of juvenile marine species.


CCC would like to thank everyone involved for letting us participate all the way through this exciting project. Our staff left the site with a huge sense of accomplishment. They were also kindly offered to try the local Butong and happily obliged!

01 January 2016

Montserrat Festival Parade

In 2015 CCC were approached to help the nursery schools of Montserrat with costume making for the final parade of ‘Festival’. Festival runs during the month of December every year. This years’ theme was rather topical for CCC being that it was The Ocean! Following 6 weeks of costume and decoration making by the staff and volunteers of CCC, finally it was parade day! Tom and Susan spent several hours the day before with the children fitting the costumes and making some final changes prior to a judging session on the stage at Festival Village. The children ranged from 3 to 7 and were very tolerant as they had costumes fitted and refitted, in some cases several times. The children loved the costumes and although we had some running repairs after the initial judging session all ran fairly smoothly while they danced their way around the stage.


The costumes were a combination of seahorses, starfish, turtles, sharks, lobster, shells, jellyfish and a scuba diver. By the time they hit the stage Tom and Susan were delighted with the results of all the hard work that everyone put in alongside the staff of Brades Nursery, Kirk Brades and the radio presenter Rose Willock, who was the main driver of the project.




05 December 2015

A Toadily Excellent Library Session!

After one too many sighting of cane toads and tree frogs on CCC Montserrat premises and in our room on the lower floor, it only seemed appropriate to hold a session on the creatures of the week – Frogs and Toads. The kids really got into the presentation, with lots of questions being thrown about. Props e.g. the Montserratian 10 p was handed out to the kids at the same time as a slide with the smallest frog in world was on display. A great way of seeing how the New Guinean smallest vertebrate frog (at 7.7 mm) fitted on and compared to the smallest coin in their country. Opportunity for a story time telling during the presentation availed itself as we discussed the introduction of the cane toad as a biological pest control by the unwitting plantation owners of Montserrat back in the late 1800.

During the craft workshop, the kids drew tree frogs out of green paper, coloured it in fancy colours, and then cut it out with scissors. Their next exercise was to build a tree trunk complete with leaves and branches, by sticking the branches to the tree. Many kids successfully completed both exercises and finished with flying colours. Fantasy was at its peak when a wrestling arena was constructed with paper mugs for Ninja turtle bouts!


Thanks to the staff at Brades Library for making us feel welcome, the kids for turning up and being enthusiastic and ready to learn, and lastly to ZIB radio for letting everyone know that the library sessions are taking place.

21 November 2015

Learning about Marine Debris

After a hot hot morning of cleaning up the beaches at Carr’s Bay, it was only fitting to discuss Marine Debris during the next kids library session. It was obviously a topic that the children had talked about before. We discussed where the rubbish comes from, the impacts it has, how long it takes to break down and what you can do to decrease the amount of rubbish entering the ocean. The kids were surprised to hear that a plastic water bottle takes up to 450 years to break down. Refuse it, Remove it and Re-use it was the main message of the session. For craft we made posters about marine debris. A lot of the children didn’t like their first attempt at the poster and automatically reached for another piece of card. Susan, CCC Project Scientist, took the chance to teach the children a practical lesson on ‘waste not, want not’ and would not allow the children a second piece of card. The kids were forced to use the other side of their paper or deal with their mistakes. It has to be said that this led to some grumpiness but it was important to Susan that the children practised what had been preached during the session. Apart from all of CCC’s paint now being a rather swampy brown colour it was a successful and enjoyable session! 

21 November 2015

Children's Fun Day in Montserrat

Following a busy morning of beach cleaning and a library session on Marine Debris the day continued with a Children’s Fun Day. A chance for some children that don’t usually get to attend these events to have some fun. A variety of stalls were installed, these included face painting, fake injuries makeup, a bouncy castle, a game of cricket and several races for the kids to join in with. No event is complete without food and drink and several of the staff and volunteers enjoyed some goat water (National Dish) finished off with cupcakes and ice cream (we are all children at heart!). CCC set up the now famous bubblemaker which is always popular, our challenge this day was to ensure children had a go prior to getting their faces painted! Volunteer Nick managed to get both his face painted and some fake injuries, which he then used to great effect playing tricks on anyone who hadn’t been at the fun day. 

21 November 2015

Carr's Bay Beach Clean

Montserrat Island Dive Centre recently planned a beach and sea clean for Carr’s Bay, so CCC joined forces along with the Waitt Institute to help. Unfortunately on the day of the event the swell on the sea had built and access to the water for divers was not possible due to the waves crashing on the beach. This also hindered the clean up on large areas of the beach which was unusually constantly covered by the waves. Still there was plenty to clear at the back of the beach and in just over three hours over 300kg of rubbish was removed from the area. Many pieces were plastic or Styrofoam food and drink containers but we also removed old tyres pallets and a variety of engine parts. Each item was recorded and classified by material in exactly the same way as Dive Against Debris are recorded.


The plan is for regular beach and sea cleans around the coast alongside education especially of the younger generation. Let’s hope we can start to reduce the number of times we have to return to the same beaches.

17 November 2015

Montserrat Community Morning

The Governor of Montserrat Elizabeth Carriere invited both CCC and The Waitt Institute to present on the current marine conservation that is being undertaken in Montserrat. Robin Ramdeen from The Waitt Institute gave an overview of their plans and current progress and presented the preliminary results of her listening tour which is asking people about their knowledge and perceptions of the marine environment.


Susan, CCC Project Scientist, followed with a presentation on the work of CCC and particularly our capacity building for the future which involves the local scholarship scheme. CCC offer local Montserratians the chance to learn to dive and go through the scientific skills development programme which our volunteers go through. Susan emphasised that Waitt and CCC will not be here indefinitely and we both need trained people that can carry on the monitoring and assessment of the natural environment.


After the presentations there was plenty of time for the audience to ask questions or make comments which was just as well because there were some lively debates. There were concerns that restrictions would be imposed by the two organisations on the local’s ability to use their natural resources. CCC took the opportunity to make it clear that we only collect the data and present it to the stakeholder along with recommendation using current scientific data, we then allow them to make the final decision on what is required.


We had three of our old scholars with us at the event Keanu Barnwell, Veta Wade and Robin Ramdeen. Veta stood up during the meeting to thank CCC for allowing her to do the scholarship as the knowledge she learnt has helped her to set up her own snorkelling and freediving business on island.


CCC was pleased to get the opportunity to push thw scholarship program to all the locals.

15 November 2015

The Book Lover's Parade

The Book Lovers’ parade is a chance for some of the younger member of the community to get involved in the Alliouagana Literary Festival. For the third year in a row CCC were pleased to help out, this time with the assistance of current Miss Montserrat, Sharissa Ryan. The children had a chance the previous week at the CCC regular library session to pick a character from their favourite book and make a mask depicting the character. We had a wide range of characters from the Cast of Frozen with the cutest Olaf costume, to a couple of Buffalos! In true Caribbean tradition the team from CCC arrived early to allow time for the masks to be fitted and any last minute emergency repairs to be completed, whilst most of the kids arrived 5mins after the parade was planned to start. Regardless the whole event went off without a hitch.

The children all paraded behind Sharissa in her pageant crown up to the stage and then had the opportunity to explain who they were and which book they were from.


CCC were involved in another event over the weekend but not as CCC representatives. Susan and Nick both took part in a fashion show to promote the work of a local fashion designer working on the island. Neither of them knew what to expect and when the first lady took to the stage and paraded with all the moves and plenty of confidence both Nick and Susan wondered what they had got into. Both enjoyed the event and plenty of people have commented on their modelling skills over the last few days.

7 November 2015

CNN Visits CCC!

Coral Cay were recently approached by CNN regarding a documentary they are filming in the Philippines. This will be a series of short features covering a variety of topics including singing, female airline pilots and the evolution of the jeepney! With the incredible diversity that the underwater world of the Philippines has to offer, they knew that they had to include a feature on coral reef conservation and after speaking to CCC HQ in Surrey about our project here their interest was piqued by our scholarship programme and the opportunities that CCC offers to local people in the Philippines!


The CNN crew arrived at base at 8:30am and were greeted by staff and volunteers as everyone introduced themselves. The morning proceeded with Paul the camera man setting up his gear and getting some great footage of the bay from the sea wall and of volunteers in a lecture in the science room, while the rest of the CNN crew sat down with some of the long term volunteers and discussed reasons for coming to CCC and how they were enjoying their time so far.


Diving for the volunteers was next on the day’s plan which allowed for film opportunities of footage of our divers kitting up, walking out to the sea and doing practice surveys, coral watch and Divemaster training. At lunch everyone sat together discussing life on base and our commitments as volunteers followed by Shannon, Jason and Josh walking Andrew through the normal events of a new member on base including the first week of PADI dive training and our two weeks of SDP training and methodology.

Around 1pm it was interview time. Olly our field base manager was up first discussing with Andrew the goals of CCC in the Philippines and the work we do for the local government in Southern Leyte. Next up was a former scholar, Grace, who came back to base to discuss her time here with CCC and her current goals with her new NGO, Ocean Action Resource Centre (ORC). Finally Dexter stepped up to be interviewed as one of our current scholars on  base, talking about why he decided to join CCC, his opinions on we do for the marine environment and what his plans in the future are. All three of them presented brilliantly to the camera being calm, collected and fluent with all answers.


Finally the presenter of the show, Andrew, went for a dive with Olly for a tour of Napantao house reef while Paul the camera man used a drone to film from above. CNN greatly enjoyed their time with us here at Coral Cay, and we loved having them. By the end of the day they were really impressed by CCC and the great work that we do, so much so that as they were leaving they shouted the Saturday night beer tab for the entire base. Thank you CNN!

6 November 2015

Napantao Elementary School have their 2nd SEAs Lecture

Olly McGuinness (Field Base Manager), Jason Tuang-tuang (Education Officer) and Jesse Lou Tinapay (Community Liaison Officer) were up bright and early on Friday to join the students of Napantao Elementary and teach the second SEAS (Seastar Environmental Award Scheme) lesson. Jesse, Jason and Olly couldn’t have received a warmer welcome when they were met by all of the pupils  from the school doing ‘bless’, which is a sign of respect in the Philippines.


The CCC team were met by Ms. Mae Agbayani, a teacher in the school, who was pleased to introduce them to Mr. Glenn, the teacher of Grades 4-6. Jason was eager to get started and kicked of the day’s program with an enthusiastic question and answer session to find out what they learned from Lesson 1. It was fantastic to see how attentive the pupils were and how much they remembered from CCC’s last visit.


It was then time to get stuck into Lesson 2, which was focused on Threats to Coral Reefs. The children were just as enthusiastic and participated in all aspects of the lesson including a lecture, a question and answer session, and of course – games!

4 November 2015

Coral Cay Conservation Win Silver at the World Responsible Tourism Awards! 

Coral Cay Conservation has been named the Silver winner in the Best for Wildlife Conservation category at the World Responsible Tourism Awards 2015 at World Travel Market in London.


The Best for Wildlife Conservation, sponsored by Florida Keys and Key West Tourist Development Council, awards operators and conservation organisation committed to conserving habitats. The judges were looking for integration of holiday experiences with progressive and sustainable programmes in wildlife and habitat conservation, ideas which can be adapted and developed, and the measures of success by providers.


In his journal ‘Progress in Responsible Tourism’ Professor Harold Goodwin, Chair of the judging panel comments on why Coral Cay Conservation has been recognised “The judges recognised Coral Cay Conservation for their role in establishing a Marine Protected Area in Sogod Bay in Nueva Estrella Norte by conducting research and presenting the data that their volunteers and staff collected, for their work in providing free training to local people who are taught to dive and survey so that they can protect the reefs and environment in their home areas, and their work with schools raising awareness of the importance of protecting the environment”. Goodwin adds “Judging the Awards is an exacting task; the decisions which the judges take get tougher every year. The volume, quality and diversity of nominations grow each year and each category engenders considerable debate amongst the judges. The quality that we had before us this year is higher than ever - evidenced by the fact that there are joint gold winners in four of the twelve categories”.

CCC's Volunteer Coordinator, Tessa Dawson, accepts the award from Managing Director, Justin Francis and Professor Harold Goodwin.

Welcoming over 500 people to the event in London, Justin Francis, Managing director of Awards organisers Responsible Travel explained how the Awards were founded to change the face of the tourist industry. “The aim of the Awards is to inspire the tourists and the tourism industry by what is possible to achieve through responsible tourism” says Francis. “In our 12th year we have added one more inspiring winner and more remarkable stories which will shape how the industry and tourists think about the future of tourism”.

3 November 2015

Junior Citizen's Day

CCC only received an invite 12 hours prior to the start of the event – Junior Citizen’s Day. However, in true CCC fashion the whole team pulled together to allow us to have a very interactive stall at the event. We had a survey line which the children could walk down and count all the fish, inverts and impacts which we usually record on a marine survey, this included looking under rocks for a variety of invertebrates. The next exercise was to get the children to estimate the size of a set of bamboo sticks. This is an exercise that we have our volunteers complete in water so they have an understanding of the effect the mask has on the size of objects underwater. The children got to try the exercise on land with varying degrees of accuracy and lots of cheating. The final station on the stall was the bubblemaker this allows the children to breath off a SCUBA tank whilst dunking their head in a large container of water. This always proves popular and this day was no different with children queuing to have a go.


The morning was long and exhausting with the groups of children rotating round the different stations at the event but all the staff and volunteers at CCC enjoyed the event as much as the junior citizens.

31 October 2015

CCC Montserrat Performs the Puppet Show!

CCC were invited to a regular Lions Club session to perform a puppet show for the children. After a few evenings of practice the group set of some with an air of trepidation we never know how riotous the group are going to be. The last time we performed, the stage was mobbed by a group of 4 year olds who then ran amuck with the puppets.

This time the audience were calmer and thoroughly enjoyed the show especially Tom’s interpretation of Wayne the Cleaner Wrasse. They also loved the spruced up Oscar the Octopus in his new purple livery. The show focused on the damage that rubbish can do to the marine environment and was a real hit with the kids who we hope will spread the word about disposing of rubbish responsibly. We hope to return in the future with our latest show which looks at the benefits of Marine Protected Areas.

24 October 2015

Learning all about Tarantulas!

After one sighting of tarantula on CCC Montserrat premises and Halloween week, it only seemed appropriate to hold a session on the creature of the week – Tarantulas! The kids really got into the presentation, with lots of questions being thrown about. The girls were very inquisitive and quizzed Aman on many details, especially when he insisted they occupy the front row seats, meaning the presentation went a little longer than anticipated. All the kids wanted to compare their palm sizes to a goliath tarantula on one slide projecting a picture comparison between a human hand and the gigantic goliath tarantula projected on the wall screen. Very hands on presentation, I would say!


During the craft workshop, the kids drew eight legged tarantula on paper plates, coloured it in fancy dandy colours, and then cut them out with scissors. Next exercise was to build a tree trunk with a hole inside and decorate it with branches and stems. Many kids successfully completed both exercises and finished with flying colours. They were treated to candy at the end of the session in the true spirit of the Halloween festival.


The session was full of fun and learning and Kate and Aman are already thinking up ideas for the next ones. Thanks to the staff at Brades Library for making us feel welcome, the kids for turning up and being enthusiastic and ready to learn, and lastly to ZIB radio for letting everyone know that the library sessions are taking place. 

20 October 2015

CCC joins San Francisco's National Children's Month

Coral Cay Philippines were thrilled to be invited along to San Francisco to join in with the National Children’s Month Celebration day last Tuesday!


The event kicked off with a parade through the streets of San Francisco Poblacion. The Procession was led by the San Francisco Police Department, accompanied by the local Drum and Bugle Corps, complete with twirlers, and finally followed by a stream of representatives from our local Barangays. Coral Cay was very proud to represent our home Barangay of Napantao!


The parade ended at the municipal plaza, where CCC Project Scientist, Shannon, and Community Liaison Officer, Jesse, were invited to take their seats alongside Barangay officials in centre court. Entertainment was provided by the San Fran Drum & Bugle Corps while everyone was seated.

The main event of the day was an all singing, all dancing children’s talent show! This started with a number of solo singers aged between 4 and 7 – two of which gave excellent renditions of every parents favourite song ;) : ‘Let it Go’! This was followed by a dance contest, with elementary school dance groups from all over San Francisco. The costumes alone were a wonderful sight to behold. Finally, children were invited on stage to read poetry.


After lunch, it was time to award the winners! All of the children and their proud parents had a great time. CCC was grateful to be a part of such a fantastic and fun event.

13 October 2015

Our Staff Present CCC's Survey Data to the Liloan MFARM Council,  Philippines

On the 13th October Project Scientist, Shannon, and Community Liason Officer, Jesse, were invited to Liloan to join the Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management Council (MFARMC) for a meeting. Having joined our previous presentation of survey results to Barangay Catig, Ma’am Benie and Sir Tery of the Municipal Agricultural Office in Liloan wished us to also deliver our findings to the council. The council is composed of members of municipal government and coastal barangay officials.


The meeting was held in the Department of Tourism within the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Liloan and began at 9am. Initial business was to review the minutes of the council’s previous meeting on June 23rd and discuss issues which were still outstanding. These issues largely centred on MPA establishment and maintenance, illegal fishing and enforcement; all very relevant to the work we do here at Coral Cay.


It was interesting to hear that in recent months there has been an increase in fishing for the blue starfish, Linkia laevigata, a target invertebrate species for CCC survey methodology. Unlikely to be a valuable food source, it is thought that these organisms may be collected for medicinal purposes or the curio trade. It has been reported that muro ami fishing has been taking place within an established fish sanctuary, however no action has been taken. Also, during our time in Catig, Ma’am Benie reported illegal fishing however the designated patrol boat were unable to respond due to a lack of fuel. This led to a long discussion about enforcement and the necessity for Bantay Dagats, barangay officials, municipalities and police to communicate more effectively and work to eliminate illegal fishing. 

As requested by the MAO, Shannon then delivered a presentation of CCC’s results of our recent survey in Catig, ending with a discussion of the best possible location for a new MPA and Marine Reserve in the Barangay. The meeting was attended by a number of barangay officials from CCC’s other survey sites including Himayangan and Molopolo and they were also eager to discuss the potential for such a protected area in their own Barangay waters.


CCC’s presentation was followed by current business, including the creation of an ordinance for a Marine Reserve in Molopolo. CCC surveyed this area in 2014 and have been asked to present our findings to the Molopolo Barangay council in the coming weeks. Liloan LGU are also currently working on an ordinance change for their Tabugon MPA; previously surveyed by CCC however established in the wrong area they are working towards moving its location. This was followed by a police report of the successful apprehension of a fishing vessel from Surigao fishing in Liloan Municipal waters. The meeting was then adjourned and lunch served.

10 October 2015

Learning all about Seahorses

With big shoes to fill after the departure of previous Science Officers Sean and Mike, Kate and Aman held their first library session on Saturday. After a few sightings of seahorses in Isles Bay recently, it only seemed appropriate to hold a session on these interesting fish. The kids seemed to really enjoy the presentation, with lots of questions being shouted out. The boys were horrified to think that if they were a seahorse they would be the one having to get pregnant and have the babies. A definite hit was the “Find the Seahorse” slides with the kids often finding the minute, extremely well camouflaged pygmy seahorse before Aman and Kate.

It was then time for craft with lots of enthusiastic kids ready and raring to make their seahorse aquariums. Some kids took the easy option and chose to colour in already cut out seahorse, while others traced and cut their own. The extra creative and slightly more patient girls opted to draw their own seahorses from scratch and then slot them into the complex habitats they had created in their aquarium. Regular attendee Ossy went the extra mile with the seahorse, making 7 males and only one pink female.


It was a very fun first library session for Kate and Aman who are already thinking up ideas for the next one. Thanks to the staff at Brades Library for making us feel welcome, the kids for turning up and being enthusiastic and ready to learn, and lastly to ZIB radio for letting everyone know that the library sessions are taking place. 

09 October 2015

Gudan Community Education Day

Back in July of 2015 CCC carried out a full biophysical survey of the reefs of Barangay Gudan, in the hopes of setting up a new Marine Protected Area (MPA). The site was full of life with many rare organisms sighted, including the elusive Flamboyant Cuttlefish! The area is also home to ‘Olly’s Wall’, a very popular dive site in Sogod Bay and it did not disappoint.


We are looking forward to the establishment of this new MPA in the coming months and, in preparation, invited Barangay Captain Albert Albarca and members of his community along to our base in Napantao for a day of reef-based education.


The morning started with a tour of base by our Field Base Manager, Olly and an introduction to Coral Cay in the Philippines by Project Scientist, Shannon. This was followed by a lesson on coral biology; the group were enthralled to learn that coral is an animal which uses tiny algae to produce food from sunlight! Volunteers and Divemasters-in-training Charlie, Zach and Josh then gave excellent lectures on different species of corals, invertebrates and fish found on the reef.

After learning about what coral reefs are and why they are so important, Community Liaison Officer, Jesse, explained how reefs are threatened across the globe, leading to a discussion on how we can work to protect them. Everyone was eager to learn about MPAs and the benefits they can bring for the community; talk quickly turned to ‘Olly’s Wall’ and how Gudan could work to protect it for future generations.


After an in-depth discussion it was time for lunch. As always, our resident chef, Tata cooked up a storm! There was just time for a quick group photo before Captain Albert had to dash off for an important meeting in his own community. Having learned a lot, the group kindly expressed their gratitude to CCC for the day and went off feeling very happy with full brains and full bellies.


In the coming weeks, we plan to return to Gudan to present the results of our MPA survey to the entire community. We hope that we will be able to encourage others to snorkel the site with us and see for themselves what the coral reefs of Gudan really have to offer!

07 October 2015

Catig MPA Survey – Presentation of Results

In August 2015, CCC completed a full survey of the waters of Barangay Catig in the Municipality of Liloan. The purpose of this survey was to find the best location of a new MPA. Our survey found that the coral reefs in Catig had lots to offer and would greatly benefit from protection.


The community is at the heart of everything we do here at CCC and it is hugely important that, before any action is taken, we discuss our findings with those who they will impact the most. So, on Wednesday 7th October PS Shannon and CLO Jesse travelled to Catig to meet with Barangay Captain Manulito and members of the local fishing community to present our results and discuss the future of Catig MPA!


That morning we were warmly welcomed and accommodated in the Official Barangay Hall by members of the Council and joined by Ma’am Benita Dipay, Fisheries Officer for the Municipal Agricultural Office of Liloan. The group paid close attention as we introduced ourselves and told them a bit about CCC and our work here in the Philippines before discussing the results of our survey. Everyone was fascinated to see pictures of life on the reef and whole heartedly agreed that an MPA would be a great addition to the Barangay of Catig. 

In the coming months, a new MPA and Marine Reserve will be established in Catig. Our results have been presented and recommended boundary coordinates sent to the Municipality of Liloan and the Provincial Environmental and Natural Resource Management Office (PENRMO) for the preparation of an official ordinance. When the time comes, CCC will assist in the installation of marker buoys for the final step in establishing the Marine Sanctuary. We are very, very proud to be involved in this endeavour! 

05 - 10 October 2015

Rise of the Nudi Hunter!

It’s been a busy week at the CCC base in Napantao as the team have been working hard to revamp our survey boat and get it back in the water for its next scientific voyage!

The first step in this endeavour was getting the boat out of the water – not an easy feat! Coral Cay staff and volunteers were happily joined by a group of willing helpers from the local village to push and pull the boat in to place on Napantao beach. 

Since then it’s been all hands on deck – literally! Volunteers have been working around the clock to bring the Nudi Hunter up to scratch with a new paint job and so far she looks great. Stay posted for the final reveal!