Adam Argent - Expedition Volunteer - The Philippines

Courtesy of Lara Bilton

There is nothing more relaxing than watching the sun set on the distant horizon, beer in hand, chatting with new found friends and discussing the wonderfully diverse marine wildlife that you experienced that day. This is the luxury that all are afforded at CCC Napantao.


Each day brings new adventure, new challenges and a multitude of fun.  Whether you have been confronted by a Titan Triggerfish, watched a Hawksbill Turtle glide past, or simply gaped in awe at the multitude of marine-life on your doorstep, this place will blow your mind.  Never before have I been able to step three metres from shore into a Marine Protected Area teeming with life.  Coral of every colour imaginable, fish from every family you could wish for and also things you never even knew existed, right in front of your eyes!  Also, just a little further away on the island of Limasawa I had the honour of swimming with Whale Sharks; the largest fish in the ocean. You better put your ‘Go-Faster’ stripes on though, because as they coast effortlessly through the water, you will be swimming faster than you have ever done before just to keep up with these beautifully peaceful fish.


But wait, there’s more…

Even back on land there is much fun to be had. To spread the conservation word there are education open days for local children, wall painting at the local schools, and many new exciting projects springing up all the time.  Then of course, outside of the education realm, you wouldn’t be in the Philippines if you didn’t attend a karaoke night.  Almost a national institution, the karaoke bars provide entertainment for all, and the CCC community is no exception.


CCC have an amazing staff team here, with more knowledge and experience than you could shake a very large stick at.  I have learnt so much in such a short time and I have loved every minute of it. Thank you.