Ana Loureiro - Local Scholar - Tobago

Courtesy of Michael Pitt

Dives were indescribable, they were just so amazing and the amount of life underwater is so diverse. As a diver I can say I’ve been given a gift to be able to see and experience this underwater world, and I’m so lucky to have had that chance. It is something I recommend to all those that have the opportunity, because there is nothing quite like it.


What I’d been dreaming about doing ever since I first heard of CCC had come true, I had taken part in a survey, I had contributed to protecting the corals, and I had done something really worthwhile towards our planet. And it was that feeling alongside all other things that absolutely peeked the experience. Making it truly one of the most magical, amazing and wonderful experiences I’ve ever had.


Not only that but it has cemented the idea of going off to university to study biology to then move into conservation or even to go into marine biology and then conservation. The experience I had with CCC has opened my eyes, and I know that helping out is something I would very much like to get involved with in the future. And I will definitely be getting involved in volunteer projects and encouraging others to do like wise.