Chris & Joan Foster, a parents perspective

“Total confidence” are the only words that adequately describe our experience of CCC. For the past year, we have been closely associated with CCC while our son, Alex, prepared to spend five weeks diving in the seas surrounding the island of Leyte in the Philippines to map the coral reefs. There is no question that this is a worthwhile objective, especially at a time when much of the world’s environment is under threat of extinction. Initial excitement and enthusiasm at the prospect of the forthcoming expedition quickly became tempered by the reality that Alex was actually going to spend the greater part of this year’s school’s summer vacation with a group of young people some 7,000 miles away.


During the intervening months of preparation, the organisation of which we originally had little prior knowledge and no experience became increasingly familiar. Regular close contact with members of CCC quickly settled initial anxieties as practical aspects of the forthcoming expedition transformed from anticipations into reality. In particular, there were target activities (e.g. booking flights, arranging appropriate insurance, obtaining visas and undergoing medical examinations) that needed to be completed by particular deadlines. Throughout this period, meticulous attention to detail by the CCC administration clearly demonstrated that this organisation is composed of highly professional and experienced individuals who demand the very highest levels of compliance from those working with them in order to achieve their own objectives while ensuring the safety of all their volunteers.


Participating in such detailed preparation engendered a high level of confidence in CCC that remained with us throughout the time Alex was in the Philippines. We are pleased that we allowed Alex, one of the youngest of the volunteers, to spend time with CCC on expedition in the Philippines. Even in that relatively short period of time, the personal and professional benefits to Alex have been enormous.


We have complete confidence in CCC as a highly professional organisation and would recommend the experience to any potential volunteer of any age, who wishes to spend time participating in a truly important environmental conservation activity, while developing new skills and discovering previously unknown personal attributes.