Over the years Coral Cay have accumulated diary accounts from volunteers, staff and scholars. Take a look at the diary entries below (please click 'read more' to see the full diary entry) to get an insight in to what you can expect from going on an expedition with Coral Cay.

"I would say to anyone considering an expedition with CCC, don’t hesitate! You’ll get to experience such a beautiful place, make some amazing friends and help use science to protect reefs for the future – what more could you ask for?"


Naomi Pennington - Expedition Volunteer - The Philippines



"I never thought I would learn as much about the oceans, environment, conservation, diving, people and culture. The excitement of diving with the reward of surveying has made me passionate about the oceans. I will definitely be pursuing conservation further at university and in my career".


Kirsty Brown - Expedition Volunteer - Cambodia & The Philippines



Courtesy of Lara Bilton

"CCC have an amazing staff team here, with more knowledge and experience than you could shake a very large stick at. I have learnt so much in such a short time and I have loved every minute of it. Thank you".


Adam Argent - Expedition Volunteer - The Philippines




Additional Expedition Volunteer Diaries

Howard Peters - Expedition Volunteer - Fiji - Malaysia - The Philippines
"My years at CCC so motivated me that I went on to complete a full-time MSc university course in Marine Environmental Management at York and have progressed on to a PhD".
Howard Peters - Expedition Volunteer - F[...]
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Jessica Bellworthy - Expedition Volunteer - The Philippines
"I really got a sense of pride, knowing that what I was doing was helping towards the conservation of coral reefs and everyone and everything that relies on them".
Jessica Bellworthy-Expedition Volunteer [...]
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Fiona Mills - Expedition Volunteer - The Philippines
"What I loved most about my time with CCC was learning the families and species of the local marine flora and fauna. The reefs have such a wonderful diversity of life that there was a lot to learn".
Fiona Mills - Expedition Volunteer - The[...]
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Courtesy of Michael Pitt

"Thank you so much to the staff, international and local and all the volunteers and people of CCC who made my stay a truly amazing once in a lifetime eye opening opportunity".


Stephanie Arenas - Local Scholar - The Philippines



Courtesy of Michael Pitt

"As a diver I can say I’ve been given a gift to be able to see and experience the underwater world, I’m so lucky to have had that chance. It is something I recommend to all those that have the opportunity, because there is nothing quite like it".


Ana Loureiro - Local Scholar - Tobago




"I don’t know when exactly that inspiring moment came but it certainly happened when I became involved as a local scholar in CCC’s expedition in Southern Leyte. Some time during underwater surveying, studying corals and fish, and doing community work, I had a change of heart. The floodgates of heaven did not exactly open before me, but the experience was inspiring enough to change my future plans".


Grace Quiton - Local Scholar - The Philippines



Additonal Scholar Diaries

Victoria Raquel – Local Scholar - Honduras
"I’m thankful to CCC and its volunteers, for opening the door to Honduran students. The experience has changed my life for ever".
Victoria Raquel - Local Scholar - Hondur[...]
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Jen Nie - Local Scholar - Malaysia
"I’m very happy to be a part of the CCC family".
Jen Nie - Local Scholar - Malaysia.pdf
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"If you join a CCC expedition you are pretty much guaranteed to meet some wonderful people, work very hard, learn an awful lot about fish, corals and life in general, and come away with great friends and great memories".


Keith Gibson - Project Scientist - Tobago



"During my CCC expedition I made some great friendships. The local staff that I worked, and developed close friendships with were amazing and my experience would not have been the same without their happiness, warmth and humor".


Leanne Hassell - Education Officer - The Philippines