Rory Costello, CCC Ambassador & Director of Extended Learning, Cecil Jones College

I was extremely lucky to become involved with Coral Cay when they launched their schools programme in the UK. I was so impressed with what I experienced with them in the UK; (the dedication of their volunteer staff, the level of professionalism and the degree of care and consideration that went into the training they provided), that I went on to not only chaperon their first group of UK students to the Philippines but I also became an Ambassador for them for the East of England.


Coral Cay's programme enables students (many of whom have never left the UK before) to experience marine conservation at a grass roots level. The quality, breadth and depth of training provided ensures that many of the students maintain an interest in conservation long after their return to the UK.


As an Ambassador for Coral Cay I believe in their ethos and strive to educate more young people about marine conservation.


The way Coral Cay goes about providing support and training for its volunteer’s coupled with their volunteer centric philosophy and a safety first attitude ranks them as one of the best in the industry for young adults.