Useful Information

To help get you as prepared as possible for you expedition with Coral Cay Conservation we have put together a series of pages that aim to give you more information on everything from what you can expect on site to recommended reading.


If you would like to talk to us about any of the information below then please feel free to contact us.

SCUBA Dive Training & Skills Development Programme

The Scuba Dive Training & Skills Development Programme page explains the relevant training you will go through on any expedition with us.  This is everything from your PADI dive training for marine volunteers to your Field Skills Training for terrestrial volunteers.  It also explains the scientific and survey training you will get as part of our comprehensive Skills Development Programme.

Recommended Reading

To give you a head start on your science training we have put together a recommended reading list.  This aims to give you the chance to begin your species ID training before getting to site meaning that you will be able to start surveying that much more quickly!


This page allows you to download the relevant Project Summaries and Expedition Guides giving you more detailed information on what to expect from site.  This is everything from a rough work schedule, to meeting times and places.  It is highly recommended that anyone thinking of booking on takes the time to read through these documents.

Volunteer Equipment Sales

In order to try and help you get the necessary kit for an expedition the Volunteer Equipment Sales page details any items that can be purchased either directly from Coral Cay Conservation or via an approved equipment supplier.

Fundraising/Grant Giving Organisations

We understand that with the normal day to day pressures it can be difficult to save up the money for a trip and so we have tried to highlight key areas and suggestions to help with potential fundraising.  


The safety of volunteers is our number one concern and we have an outstanding safety record.  Joining an expedition to a remote area in a tropical country will pose some risks and so the safety page details the measures that we have taken to ensure that high standards of health and safety are adhered to on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

With all of the information you will have been through by now you are sure to have lots of questions.  We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions to try and help you.  If there is any information that you want that isn't on this list or simply want to discuss some of the points in more details then please either call us on +44 (0)207 620 1411 or email us at