Please see below a list of recommended reading for volunteers who wish to prepare in advance for their Skills Development Programme that will complete on their marine expedition. 
Coral Cay Conservation, Philippines Survey Species Identification Guide 

Oliver Wood, Publisher:Butler and Tanner, Frome 


Coral Cay Conservation (CCC) and ex-volunteer turned Project Scientist, Oliver Wood, have worked to produce an identification guide for volunteers working on the Philippines project.


Volunteers are expected to learn over 100 fish, 40 corals, 25 marine algae and 60 invertebrates, including sponges, soft corals, and Crustacea, during the first 2 weeks of their expedition prior to taking part in underwater coral reef surveys using SCUBA equipment.


Previously a number of books and guides were used to aid the teaching process, which many volunteers found a huge task; this guide brings together these resources in a light, A5 format guide, with full colour photos and illustrations of all ‘target’ survey species and more.


This guide is available for order by phone from CCC Head Office and is priced at £14.50 + P&P. Call + 44 (0) 207 620 1411 for your copy.

Publisher: OUP Oxford (25 Jun 2009) ISBN-10: 0198566360

This book provides an integrated overview of the function, physiology, ecology, and behaviour of coral reef organisms.

Publisher: Collins; Revised edition edition (4 Jun 2001)ISBN-10: 0007111118
Over 2,100 species are illustrated in all their major forms: male, female, immature or geographical varieties. This is the first book that enables divers and snorkellers to identify the inhabitants of coral reefs - wherever they are in the world.
Publisher: Tropical Reef Research (Dec 1994) ISBN-10: 9810056877
Publisher: New World Publications; 2nd edition (1 Feb 2002) ISBN-10: 1878348337
This title contains 3 books, "Reef Fish Identification: Florida, Caribbean & Bahamas", "Reef Creature Identification: Florida, Caribbean & Bahamas"and "Reef Coral Identification: Florida, Caribbean & Bahamas".
Publisher: New World Publications (1 Oct 2003) ISBN-10: 1878348361
A comprehensive fish identification guide covering the fish-rich reefs of the Pacific.
Underwater Plastic Coral Identification Guide. Publisher: BYO Guides (2009)
Supported by the Coral Hub website with over two hours of free video training in its Learning Centre and a Terminology Buster as part of a total coral identification solution. To gain a 10% discount please use this code ccc10pc in the eSHOP.

Travel Guides

Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications; 11th edition edition (1 May 2012) ISBN-10: 1741796946
Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications; 2nd Revised edition edition (1 April 2010) ISBN-10: 9781741040500
Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications; 7th edition edition (23 July 2010) ISBN-10:  1741794579