Coral Cay Conservation Expeditions Marine Tropical Jungle Montserrat Philippines
Coral Cay Conservation Expeditions Marine Tropical Jungle Montserrat Philippines

What We Do

Coral Cay Conservation is an internationally renowned and accredited conservation specialist dedicated to providing the resources to help protect coral reefs and tropical rainforests throughout the developing world. 

Initially established in 1986, CCC pioneered a successful ‘citizen science’ approach by using international volunteers to help collect the scientific data needed to develop and implement effective grass-roots conservation solutions.


We are committed to involving local stakeholders so that the communities we work with can benefit directly from our conservation efforts. We rely on a ‘bottom-up’ approach to conservation, with the belief that the only way to successfully preserve endangered ecosystems is by involving the local custodians throughout the process.


Coral Cay Conservation benefits from a Scientific Advisory Committee, consisting of internationally renowned marine research and sustainable development experts, whom we are able to call upon to assist us in our projects. 

Our work has three key components that are practised on all of our expedition sites:

1) Scientific Research

We need to know what's there if we are to protect it. That's where the key responsibility of the volunteer comes into play, surveying the coastal reef or forest environments in order to assess their ecological status.  Data collected by volunteers is used by our Science Staff to create reports and help to inform sustainable management efforts of local communities and governments.

2) Capacity Building

CCC offer full science development training to equip volunteers with the necessary knowledge about the ecosystem in order to take action to protect it. Volunteers can go on to develop their skills further by learning to dive through our PADI training course up to Dive Master level. We direct a portion of volunteers' funds into Scholarship Programmes which gives locals the opportunity to learn these skills themselves. Additionally, 'Train the Trainer' courses also allow local stakeholders to continue the work into the future. Coral Cay work with our partners to encourage alternative livelihood practises that  respect the locals and their culture.

3) Raising Awareness

'Knowledge is power' so CCC channel a significant portion of our efforts into education and raising awareness to all. This is achieved running workshops, activity days and education programs internationally and locally at each expedition site. Serious issues are raised in relation to the threats facing reefs and forests and what appropriate action to take.  Furthermore, we publish all our reports and findings on line as a resource for use in further efforts to expand conservation knowledge and understanding.

“It was simply amazing to be out here and 'diving for a cause' every day and it is rewarding to have lessons to take back home with me. I have learnt more than I ever did in my science classes back in school.”

Nikki Lizares – Volunteer

Our Global Footprint

Since 1986 CCC have run over 20 successful conservation projects in more than 10 different countries around the world involving more than 10,000 volunteers, training several hundred scholars and publishing more than 300 key scientific research papers.


Across the world, CCC have had several internationally notable accomplishments such as the introduction of several Marine Protected Areas including the creation of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Belize; The Danjugan Marine Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary for Negros, Philippines in 2000; The Limasawa Community Managed Marine Protected Area for Southern Leyte, and Philippines in 2008.


Today, we have a conservation project based in the Philippines.

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