Over the years Coral Cay have worked directly with a variety of people from all walks of life, all of whom have the same vision as Coral Cay - to drive conservation forward.

Monty Halls, CCC Patron, Broadcaster & Author


"Let's put this simply. There are no other voluntary conservation organisations in the UK - and possibly in the world - that have had more of a profound impact on coral reefs than Coral Cay Conservation. For over twenty years they have led the way in creating highly effective, locally supported conservation programmes that have led to numerous, legally endorsed, nature reserves, as well as launching the careers of countless marine biologists. They have taken an entire generation, both at home and abroad, and shown them coral reefs in all their glory. In doing so they have taught local people how to study and protect their own reefs, and created a groundswell of programmes that will continue to reap rewards for decades to come. Coral Cay Conservation was where it all began for me, showing me that effective, well-led volunteer projects, based on solid science, could reap tremendous results in pure conservation terms. It is of vital importance that this work continues, with CCC frequently the lone champion of reefs that are otherwise under intense fishing and local environmental pressure. This is a truly great conservation organisation." 

Dr Heather Koldewey, Head of Global Programmes, Zoological Society of London


"As I review another set of CVs with another set of CCC alumni proudly profiling their experience with you, I thought I would just send a quick note to say a big congrats on shaping so many people’s careers!" 

Prof. Pete Mumby, ARC Laureate Fellow, Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation


"CCC has been instrumental in launching so many careers in coral reef conservation, my own included. Some of the best PhD students I've had arrived from the CCC boot camp and all have gone on to do wonderful things. We all owe CCC a debt of gratitude!"

David Bellamy, President, CCC


"Since 1985 I've been President of Coral Cay Conservation and I'm privileged to have met and worked with CCC's many coral reef communities and seemingly countless CCC volunteers who have helped accomplished so much over my 26 years with CCC. Coral Cay is one of the world's best kept secrets - it just gets on with the job and always delivers. Without CCC and our volunteers, I fear much more for the future of the worlds coral reefs"

William Gray, Travel writer and photographer


“With coral reefs and tropical forests facing ever-increasing threats, CCC’s work has never been more important. One of the original and most effective volunteer conservation organisations, it has helped to create numerous protected areas around the world, safeguarding endangered habitats and bringing real benefits to the local communities that depend on them. The world needs its reefs and rainforests and we need CCC to continue its outstanding work.”

Ted A. Morris, Jr., CCC Patron


"CCC is the Gold Standard for the application of scientific research to resolve real-world environmental issues locally and in real-time.  Coral Cay, and especially its volunteers, provide local communities which rely on critical ecosystems one of the most versatile tools available today to ensure sustainable conservation of local resources.  Please join with me and support the CCC with a generous donation - ask your friends to do so as well.  You won't find a more important cause, and neither will they." 

Diane Turner, Ex-volunteer and CCC Ambassador


"CCC expeditions, best time of my life, keep going back time and time again over the past 19 years, looking forward to taking Coral on her first trip soon! Please donate to keep this fantastic work going!"

Coral Cay Conservation expeditions are kindly supported by:

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http://www.jointeammarine.com/ - ''Take one for the team' is a marine conservation campaign set up to help remove marine plastics from the world's oceans.''