Coral Cay Conservation Expeditions Marine Tropical Jungle Montserrat Philippines
Coral Cay Conservation Expeditions Marine Tropical Jungle Montserrat Philippines

Ethical Policy

Our Commitment To Protecting The Environment On Expedition

  • CCC encourages staff and volunteers to offset their carbon emissions through its original direct scheme which involves only direct contributions to tropical reforestation. We firmly believe that this should come from the volunteer. In addition we ensure that where possible our routings for group flights are direct to reduce emissions and aviation fuel usage. All volunteers and staff are encouraged to do this.
  • CCC has a zero littering policy.
  • CCC offers bases running all year round meaning less flights for staff returning to the UK.
  • Volunteers and staff are encouraged to bring only rechargeable batteries to our sites.
  • Volunteers and staff are encouraged to use only biodegradable toiletries on our expedition sites.
  • When camping in rainforest areas, groups employ minimum impact methods including sleeping in hammocks and not using open fires. All that goes in also leaves the forest. All washing up products are naturally biodegradable.
  • Water usage is tightly controlled on our sites and water is used responsibly. Many of our sites have rainwater collection facilities.
  • Our rainforest base in the Philippines was completely powered by renewable resources (solar, wind and water power) and was a model for eco-friendly building in the area. Since leaving the area, the facilities have been left for villagers to continue to use.
  • Boat travel is carefully controlled and unnecessary travel is avoided.
  • Electricity use is carefully monitored where it is accessible, energy saving light bulbs are used where they are available.
  • No food is imported into countries and is bought locally, only items not available for purchase in country are imported and these are always carried in luggage allowances of volunteers and staff.
  • Cooking is conducted on gas or electric appliances; wood burning stoves are not used.
  • Rubbish is recycled where facilities exists.
  • Packaging is reduced where possible.


Our Commitment To Protecting The Environment In The UK


  • All recyclable paper is recycled. Scrap paper is reused.
  • Ring binders and stationary is reused.
  • Discarded items (including IT equipment) are donated where possible.
  • CCC now sources it's computers, other IT and electronic equipment from providers that recycle electronic equipment, preventing them from being put into landfill sites. 
  • CCC supports other likeminded organisations to help protect marine environments in the UK.
  • Conference calls are used during Panel Meetings and wherever possible to prevent unnecessary travel.
  • All power (that doesn't have to be left on) is switched off by the last person to leave the office.
  • Energy saving ability is an important factor in the purchase of any new equipment. Where possible ethically sound suppliers are sourced.
  • In 2008 we converted our volunteer administration processes over to an electronic online booking system. This drastically reduced our paper consumption (by approximately 70%) .
  • Printer cartridges are recycled where possible.
  • Recycled paper is purchased for use in our printers and double sided printing is used where possible.
  • Only biodegradable cleaning products are purchased.
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