Coral Cay Conservation Expeditions Marine Tropical Jungle Montserrat Philippines
Coral Cay Conservation Expeditions Marine Tropical Jungle Montserrat Philippines

Costs & Dates

To enable us to carry out our research all year round, expeditions have start dates every four weeks, so volunteers can choose the most convenient time of year to come and join us. Be it as part of your holiday, leave from work, or as part of a gap year adventure.
Once trained you will hold a vital role within our four-man survey teams, and will collect the data necessary to create Marine Protected Areas. For this reason, we recommend that dive trainees join us for at least five weeks and qualified divers, four weeks. This is to ensure that you will get the opportunity to experience all aspects of an expedition, but also so that you have the opportunity to put your knowledge and survey skills into practise, collecting the data necessary for our work in country.


 Expedition Code         Dive Trainees              Qualified Divers        
PHI 18/12 7th Nov 18 14 Nov 18
Closed from 18th Dec 2018 until 2nd Jan 2019
PHI 19/01 2nd Jan 19 9th Jan 19
PHI 19/02 30th Jan 19 6th Feb 19
PHI 19/03 27th Feb 19 6th Mar 19
PHI 19/04 27th Mar 19 3rd Apr 19
PHI 19/05 24th Apr 19 1st May 19
PHI 19/06 22nd May 19 29th May 19
Full from 2nd Jul - 7th Aug 2019
PHI 19/08 7th Aug 19 14 Aug 19
PHI 19/09 4th Sep 19 11 Sep 19
PHI 19/10 2nd Oct 19 9th Oct 19
PHI 19/11 30th Oct 19 6th Nov 19
PHI 19/12 27th Nov 19 4th Nov 19
Closed from 18th Dec 2019

Expedition Costs


Duration (weeks) Dive Trainee Qualified Diver Returning Volunteer
2 925 GBP 825 GBP 742.50 GBP
3 1,310 GBP 1,210 GBP 1,089 GBP
4 1,695 GBP 1,595 GBP 1,435.50 GBP
5 1,970 GBP 1,870 GBP 1,683 GBP
6 2,135 GBP 2,035 GBP 1,831.50 GBP
7 2,300 GBP 2,200 GBP 1,980 GBP
8 2,465 GBP 2,365 GBP 2,128.50 GBP
9 2,630 GBP 2,530 GBP 2,277 GBP
10 2,795 GBP 2,695 GBP 2,425.50 GBP
11 2,960 GBP 2,860 GBP 2,574 GBP
12 3,125 GBP 3,025 GBP 2,722.50 GBP
14 3,455 GBP 3,355 GBP 3,019.50 GBP
16 3.785 GBP 3,685 GBP 3,316.50 GBP

Please note all costs are quoted in Great British Pound (GBP). 


Volunteers are welcome to stay for longer than 16 weeks.  Please contact us for prices of longer expeditions.

Volunteers with no or limited dive experience will need to join the expedition as a‘Dive Trainee’ and will be trained up to PADI Advanced Open Water level during the first week of their expedition. 


Those volunteers with PADI Advanced Open Water qualifications or higher will join the expedition as a ’Qualified Diver’ and will go straight into the one -two week Skills Development Programme.


Please see the comparisons table for those volunteers who have a dive qualification with an alternative awarding body.

What's Included

  • UK briefing sessions 
  • Field accommodation 
  • Food 
  • PADI Open Water & PADI Advanced Open Water Training (Dive Trainees only) 
  • BCD and regulator hire
  • Tanks, air, weights, weight belts
  • Reef Check Eco Diver Training
  • ECP First Aid Training
  • Expedition research training
  • Surveying    
  • Recreational diving
  • Field staff supervision 
  • Community and cultural involvement 
  • Contribution toward Coral Cay's local scholarship scheme

What's Not Included

  • International and domestic flights
  • In-transit accommodation 
  • Transfers between airports and project sites 
  • Visas
  • PADI manuals & Dive Certification (Positive Identification Cards (PIC's)
  • Reef Check Certification card
  • Travel insurance
  • Airport departure taxes (if applicable)
  • Personal diving or trekking equipment 
  • Personal spending money
  • Personal items

For a detailed breakdown of the costs above please see the relevant Project Summary. For kit lists see the Expedition Guides. These are all available on the downloads page

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