Coral Cay Conservation Expeditions Marine Tropical Jungle Montserrat Philippines
Coral Cay Conservation Expeditions Marine Tropical Jungle Montserrat Philippines



1.   I do not have UK citizenship - can I still join a CCC expedition?
Coral Cay Conservation is an international organisation that welcomes volunteers of all nationalities! The ability to speak and read English is however important as all expedition training is given in English.

2.   How long can I go on expedition for?
There is no maximum length of time. However marine volunteers must join us for a minimum of two weeks and we advise Dive Trainees to volunteer for at least five weeks, and Qualified Divers to join us for atleast four if possible. This is to ensure that you have enough time to complete training and get out and survey.

3.   Can I extend my stay once I'm on expedition?
Yes, however this depends on availability and whether the arrangements for payment of the additional weeks can be made.

4.   How far in advance should I book my expedition?
We recommend that volunteers book at least two months in advance. In the peak summer months we suggest you book earlier to avoid disappointment.

5.   Are there any new CCC expeditions planned for the future?
CCC is constantly developing new projects around the world. Interested individuals are advised to regularly refer to the Blog section of the website for details. 

6.   When do CCC expeditions start?

All CCC projects have start dates every four weeks. The sites are open for the majority of the year but do close for a period over Christmas. You can find the start dates here.


7.   What experience do I need?
We do not require any of our volunteers to have any dive or science knowledge or experience prior to joining a CCC expedition. All of the trainging you need will be provided once on our project sites.

8.   Is the training difficult?
Our tried-and-tested SCUBA training programme and Skills Development Programmes are designed to ensure that volunteers can effectively apply newly acquired skills in the field. Our experienced and dedicated staff will guide you every step of the way, providing one-to-one tuition in a stimulating, interactive environment. There is no doubt that there is much to learn, but with coral reefs and tropical forests right on your doorstep our expedition 'classrooms' are particularly inspiring!

9.   Can I go with friends?
If there is space available on the desired expedition, volunteers can be placed together.

10.   Will I be in a group or on my own?
Teamwork is an intrinsic part of CCC's work and ongoing success. Numbers vary throughout the year so volunteer numbers could be from 2 - 15, however volunteers work as a team with CCC staff so there will always be plenty of people on site to get to know and work with.


11.   Is there a selection process?
Not as such, all we ask is that you find out as much about CCC as possible in order to understand the ethos and ethics behind our work. Please speak directly to one of our representatives, either by phone or at a presentation meeting, to ensure that you fully understand the commitment required to join CCC and get the most out of it. See the Volunteer section of the website for more details.

12.   Can I talk to someone who has already been on a CCC expedition?
Yes, check out our Diary Entries from past volunteers. Our past volunteers and current staff often attend events across the UK all year round all of which will be very happy to meet you at any of these.

13.   What is the predominant age range of CCC volunteers?
Volunteers must be 18 years or over, there is no upper age limit. In fact we have older volunteers joining us on site more and more these days. 

14.   Are there any opportunities for other travels during an expedition?
Volunteers who spend seven weeks or more on an expedition have the opportunity to leave the project base for a three-day long weekend in order to explore some of the country's other highlights.

15.   Can I be contacted while I am on expedition?
Please see our Project Summaries and Marine Expedition Guide for more details.

16.   Do I have to attend a CCC pre-departure meeting?

It is not essential that you attend. However, it is highly recommended as the meeting provides detailed briefings and up-to-date information concerning your expedition to ensure that you are fully prepared for your expedition challenges ahead. Throughout the meeting, CCC staff will be on-hand to offer advice and guidance. You may also be able to meet other volunteers who are going out at the same time as you before you begin your expeditions.


17.   Where can I see examples of science reports and publications produced by CCC scientists as a result of volunteer efforts in the field?
CCC marine and terrestrial reports and publications can be found on our Scientific Reports page.

18.   Can I use CCC data as part of my dissertation?

This may be possible depending on the nature of your dissertation. Contact our Science Department to enquire further about your dissertation topic. For previous examples of dissertations partaken on a CCC expedition check out our Independent Research section.

Money & Fundraising

19.   How much does it cost to join a CCC expedition?
Expedition costs vary depending on the length of the expedition and your level of dive experience. Have a look at our Costs & Dates page for more details. 
21.   What's included in my expedition fee and what isn't?
Please see our Costs and Dates page for more details.

22.   What equipment do I need?
Please see the Equipment section of our Expedition Guides for more details.


23.   How much money do I need to take with me?
Please see the Personal Expenditure section of the Project Summaries for more details.

24.   If I decide to cancel, will I lose my money?
Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

25.   I previously participated as a volunteer on a CCC expedition. Am I entitled to a discount on subsequent expeditions?

Returning volunteers will be eligible for a 10% discount on their expedition fee.

Travel Insurance & Visas

26.   Can I travel independently?
Yes, you can travel independently before an expedition provided you are at the rendezvous point at the right time to start your expedition. Please see our Project Summaries for more details.

27.   Can you arrange my flights?
No, we do not arrange flights but we do recommend the most direct and economic airlines. Please see our Project Summaries for more details.

28.   Do I need insurance?
Yes, travel and medical insurance is essential for the duration of your expedition. Please see our Project Summaries for more details.


29.   Do I need a visa?

Visas are required for some of the countries in which CCC operates. Please see our Project Summaries for more details.

Health, Safety & Security

30.   How does CCC ensure the safety of its expeditions?
Please see our Safety page for more details.

31.   What happens in case of an emergency?
Please see our Safety page for more details.

32.   How does CCC monitor the safety of expedition sites?
Please see our Safety page for more details.

33.   What medical advice can you give me?
CCC cannot give medical advice and so we ask that all volunteers visit a qualified medical practitioner prior to their expedition in order to discuss the activities they will be undertaking, as well as general health issues and any required vaccinations.

34.   Will I need a medical screening or 'check-up'?

Every CCC volunteer is required to complete a CCC Medical Form. These are either cleared in house, or if necessary, they are checked by a team at the Diving Diseases Research Centre to ensure all volunteers are fit to dive.


35.   What additional courses are available?
All volunteers undertake (and are certified) the Expedition Care Program one day first aid course. CCC's qualified SCUBA instructors teach PADI SCUBA qualifications up to Divemaster level. Volunteers are also welcome to gain their CCC Reef Survey Diver PADI specialty and their Reef Check Eco-Diver certification. Please see the SCUBA Dive training page for more information.

36.   What if I am already trained to PADI Open Water?
You must be qualified to PADI Advanced Open Water level (or equivalent) to conduct CCC marine surveys. You will therefore need to arrive during the Dive Trainee week. 

37.   What if my diving qualification was through BSAC or NAUI?
Take a look at our PADI comparision table for more details.

38.   How many dives a week will I do?
Please see the Expedition Life section of our Marine Expedition Guide for more details.

39.   Can I borrow dive equipment?

Bouyancy compensation devices and regulators are provided free of charge to all volunteers. All volunteers must provide their own personal dive kit. Please see the Marine Expedition Guide for more information. 

Working For CCC

40.   Can I get a job with CCC?
Please see our Careers page for more details.


41.   Who are the expedition staff?
Please see our Meet the Team page for more details.

42.   How do I apply to become an expedition staff member?
Please see our Careers page for more details.

43.   How much will I get paid as an expedition staff member?

Please see our Careers page for more details.

Technical Questions About The Website

44.   I'm having problems downloading documents from the website. What should I do?

You need the Acrobat Reader plug-in to view documents in the PDF format. If you do not already have this plug-in you can download it from the Adobe website. Get acrobat reader free.

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