If this is your first gap year or career break, it may seem daunting to volunteer for an expedition abroad lasting several weeks and costing more than you might be used to spending on an average fortnight's holiday, but this is not a holiday - it's an experience of a lifetime! You get work overseas in some of the most remote places on earth knowing that you are contributing to essential marine conservation and international development efforts. We appreciate that the costs mount up, but we also know that thousands of past CCC volunteers have tackled the challenges of fundraising vigorously and succeeded: 


" I would definitely recommend fundraising to everybody because it puts less of a strain on your own personal finances and it can also be a lot of fun if your imaginative... furthermore it makes people more aware of conservation issues!" (Hayley Bannister, Philippines 2008)
When considering the costs involved, it is worth considering how much a standard diving holiday would cost and comparing it with the cost of one of our marine conservation expeditions. By the time you have taken into consideration the costs of scuba diving training, food, accommodation and subsequent dives after qualification, we're sure you'll realise that our expeditions offer excellent value for money.
This step by step guide to fund-raising will help you to calculate how much you need to raise to cover your trip and give you plenty of ideas on how to go about raising the money for your expedition.
Coral Cay Fundraising Manual
Adobe Acrobat document [737.9 KB]